Procurement Specialist

Location: Culver City, California
Date Posted: 08-05-2018
A procurement specialist is responsible for supporting Purchasing division of Operations department and maintaining vendor relationships in order to ensure all orders are processed according to what is necessary for the company to function; creation of purchase orders and execution of payments.

Procurements specialists are responsible for evaluating suppliers in order to find the best deals possible on goods that are needed for business operations in addition to ensuring deliveries are scheduled as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Adheres to existing purchasing policies, processes, and procedures
  • Compares prices amongst various vendors in order to make sound purchasing decisions
  • Works within a given budget to purchase goods and services for an organization
  • Ensures that products are delivered in a timely manner and that the quality of the goods received is satisfactory; notify staff and management of any delays and problems
  • Negotiates with vendors on price, mode of shipping, and delivery time
  • Orders goods such as office supplies on a continuing basis in order to maintain certain inventory levels
  • Verifies purchase requisitions by comparing items requested to master list if applicable; clarifying unclear items; recommending alternatives.
  • Prepares purchase orders by verifying specifications and price; obtaining recommendations from suppliers for substitute items; obtaining approval from requisitioning department.
  • Checks invoices for accuracy and authorizes the accounts payable department to issue payment
  • Evaluates the performance of certain vendors in order to decide whether or not to continue buying from them
  • Provides support for sourcing necessary material back ordered locations, nationally

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Possesses strong negotiation skills
  • Has good verbal communications skills
  • Is timely in following up on contracts and checking on back ordered items
  • Is capable of staying within a given budget
  • Has good math skills and is quickly able to calculate the cost of goods and services
  • Is trustworthy and does not abuse authority or misappropriate funds

Education/Required Years of Experience

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree Preferred.
  • 2-3 years of experience in procurement or similar role.
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